Webster County Animal Care and Control

Webster Co. Animal Care and Control is run by our Animal Control Officer (ACO) Aaron Richmond and his shelter staff. Animal Control is a county-provided service to help enforce state and county animal control laws. The animal shelter itself has been operating at "NO KILL" since 2016. The term "NO KILL" means that over 90% of all dogs that come into the shelter leave alive and well. The shelter takes in anywhere from 325-425 dogs in a single year. The shelter is able to maintain it's "NO KILL" status by getting dogs rescued and adopted. Animal control and the staff at the shelter provide the best care they can for every animal that comes into shelter until it is reclaimed by the owner, rescued or adopted. If you need to contact Webster Co. Animal Care and Control you can call us at 270-639-7034 or you can reach us on our Facebook page.